Gobetwino links Arduino to Windows software

Gobetwino links Arduino to Windows software


Arduino Blog reports on Mikael Moerup’s Gobetwino software – a basic proxy between Windows programs and Arduino boards (though it works with other serial-capable devices as well). Using the included command templates, one can write their own sketch capable of doing the following –

  • Start a program on the PC. Start a program, and wait until it finishes, and tell Arduino it finished.
  • Send data to any windows program from Arduino, like it was typed on the keyboard.
  • Send email, optionally with an attached file.
  • Download a file from the internet.
  • Read a file and return data to Arduino.
  • Log data from Arduino to a file, with an optional timestamp.
  • Periodically check a POP3 mailbox for incoming mails and send commands from the mail to Arduino.
  • Get the time from the PC.
  • Get the date from the PC.
  • Ping a host or IP address.
  • Copy a file on the PC.

With combinations of these commands you can do things like:

  • Start any program on your PC, either directly or via an associated file type.
  • Start Excel, send data from Arduino directly into the Excel sheet, save the sheet and email it, without touching your PC.
  • Send e-mails to a POP3 mailbox and have Arduino react to the contents of the emails.
  • Log data directly to a CSV file on the PC, so the data can be used in spreadsheets or databases.
  • Download a file from the internet and have Arduino ask for a specific line of data from the file.

The software is free and includes a manual and example sketches, source to come. Head over to the site to give it a go.

8 thoughts on “Gobetwino links Arduino to Windows software

  1. ryan says:

    if you have text messaging on your cell phone, you could use this to send a text via email that is triggered by the arduino.

    For example:

    If you have the verizon service, you can send an email to your_ten_digit_number@vtext.com and it will send the message to your cell phone as a txt msg.

    Usually you are limited to 160 characters including the subject.

  2. volkemon says:

    THANKS Collin!!

    I discovered Arduino a little while back through MAKEblog, but discovered GoBetwino on a google search that landed me in the arduino forums.

    Searched it here, and found it was ‘warm’ news. Hope more people find out about it.

    1. Collin Cunningham says:

      np! glad you found it useful :)

  3. volkemon says:

    Well, lucky for me I work tue-fri, so I can keep playing.

    Third day in, and I now have an Arduino duemilanove with 5 temperature senders posting data with a time stamp in Excel every 10 seconds. This is on a vintage (98-00) compaq laptop running XPpro.

    For the time being, it is being made into a diagnostic tool for refrigerator repair. Ranges(stoves) next, after I research how to connect thermocouples to Arduino.

    Altered my code to run 1000 samples, and the laptop is humming away. My refrigerator has never been so documented :)

    GoBetwino opens up such a world of computer/Arduino interface that I didn’t have before. Wow.

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