How-To: All-breadboard shield for Arduino

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How-To: All-breadboard shield for Arduino


MAKE subscriber John Honniball points out this interesting take on the proto shield design. o0mouse0o’s recipe for a “Large Prototyping Shield” consists mainly of breadboard – plus a few headers, and some stripboard.

Having recently become an Arduino fan I want to be able to have several projects but save the expense of buying more than one Arduino board. Being very lazy I would also like to be able to change between several projects and avoid all the tedious swapping around of many dangly wires and all the trouble caused when you get the order wrong or cant remember how it went together.

All the available prototyping shields I’ve seen are small and I want something that a whole project can be built with so I solved the problem by making a Large Arduino Prototyping Shield

Of course you could use a larger breadboard – maybe even hardwire the power connection below as well. Check out the step-by-step in the project’s instructable.

In the Maker Shed:



Half-Size Breadboard

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