HOW TO – Make a physical email notifier

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HOW TO – Make a physical email notifier

A glowing plastic cube that lights up when you have mail in your Gmail inbox, via a Boarduino MCU:

The following guide is deliberately fairly high-level, because the exact details will vary depending on your operating system and particular hardware setup. I did this with my Mac, but hopefully there’ll be enough information here for you make it work on your system, perhaps with a little Googling.

If you don’t happen to have a glowing cube lying around, you can modify this to work with almost any output device you could think of, from a simple LED, or a buzzer, to something far more clever like moving a servo (Gmail Notifier Robot, anyone?)

How to make a Physical Gmail Notifier – Link

10 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a physical email notifier

  1. Joe says:

    opps… now the link is there…

  2. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Thanks for folks quickly pointing out the missing link. Fixed.

  3. John says:

    I want to BUY something like this. I’ve been looking for years, anyone know of anything out there? Any links would be appreciated.

  4. hell yeah says:

    that’s fucking cool!

  5. abdulahi says:

    is it true that clearence is fat

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