International Day of Kitty Twitty

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International Day of Kitty Twitty

Congrats to Maker Shed Product Development Sensei Marc de Vinck (and his adorable cat) for the great coverage of his Kitty Twitty twittering cat toy in the UK’s Daily Mail. The project also showed up on Canadian Living’s pet blog.

I was actually surprised that Kitty Twitty didn’t get more ink and electrons when it was first published in MAKE (Volume 22). Seems like perfect media fodder. Marc’s cat may have done a poor job of self-promotion. Maybe a press release should be emailed every x-number of toy triggers. Maybe now is its moment. Go, kitty, go!

The Daily Mail piece mentioned the project being online, but didn’t link to it. Here it is on Make: Projects:

Kitty Twitty Cat Toy

4 thoughts on “International Day of Kitty Twitty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice kitty. You’re enjoying your day. What if all animals have their own international day. Weird maybe you’re celebrating everyday.

    Nadine Thomas
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  2. kentkb says:

    Please, Please, do not have your pets chase a Laser!  NEVER point the laser at your cat’s/dog’s eyes. There is not a big difference human and Canine/feline eyes in sensitivity to lasers.( read the warning on the pointer! ) Sorry but I have had two friends report that their furry friend developed blindness ( cat and dog ), and both told me they used a Laser pointer almost daily to play with the hunting instinct built into fuzzy friends. Go ahead pet folks and flame me, but do no shine a Laser in my eyes….

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