Make it Great: Bluetooth Multimedia Remote

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Make it Great: Bluetooth Multimedia Remote
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I recently put an old laptop in my room as an XBMC computer. However, whenever I wanted to switch the content that was playing, I would have to drag myself out of my warm bed to change the content on the computer. I searched far and wide for a glitch free way to control XBMC. One option would be using the web/app based controller for XBMC, but if there was a network error the network controller wouldn’t work. I found Adafruit’s IR Key remote system , but IR has to have a clear line of sight, and in my case that wouldn’t always be available. Then I found the Bluefruit EZ-Key. It’s a Bluetooth device that can be easily programmed to emulate keyboard presses.

Overall this project turned out great! The remote is very snappy and responsive, and solved my problem.

0 thoughts on “Make it Great: Bluetooth Multimedia Remote

  1. Bart says:

    WOW now you can start your film from other room… wait

  2. Artumion says:

    bookmarked for future reference plan on using this guide thnx lewis

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