Maker Shed exclusive: The MakerShield

Maker Shed exclusive: The MakerShield

Introducing the MakerShield kit – The ultimate open source prototyping shield for Arduino and Netduino microcontrollers. Having a prototyping shield is a must have accessory for anyone wanting to go beyond blinking an LED with their microcontroller. If you want to do more, you will need to build a circuit, and if you want to build circuit, you will want a prototyping shield like the MakerShield.

MakerShield’s unique features:

  • User definable components
  • Includes a Potentiometer, button, and (2) LEDs (needed in most circuits)
  • 3.3v & 5v compliant
  • ICSP header in the same location as the Arduino boards
  • Power filtering capacitors on 5v and 3.3v lines

Note: If you are just getting started with Arduino, the MakerShield is also available in our new Projects Pack for Arduino kit, another Maker Shed exclusive. It’s a great way to pick up an Arduino UNO, along with a ton of other very useful components!


If you want to learn even more about the MakerShield, be sure to check out our step-by-step guide on building your own MakerShield.

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