Morse code puzzle box

Morse code puzzle box

Lucas Fragomeni built a puzzle box that can only be opened if a specific morse code sequence is entered. His starting point was a Reverse Geocache Puzzle he’d read about on Hack a Day, where a person has to bring a box to specific coordinates to release the catch.

I was amazed by it, so I immediately decided to make one for a good friend as a birthday gift. As I thought it through an idea of doing a hangman-like-puzzle using Morse Code popped into my head, and that’s what came out:

It’s called “Buzzle”. It’s a locked box with a button on the front, a couple of LEDs on the top and a power plug on the back. When the button is pushed, it emits a ‘beep’. The longer you hold the button longer the box beeps.

A random word is picked up by the box and the challenger’s goal is to find it out, by telegraphing the right letters sequentially until the word is complete.

[via Hack a Day]


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