Multicolor PCB experiment

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Multicolor PCB experiment


Though it’s understandably not a high priority for most electronics manufacturers, the aesthetic quality of a circuit board can be pretty important to those of us hacker/maker/experimenter types who often end up using electronics sans enclosure. Seeed Studio pushes the envelope a bit with their multi-solder-mask Rainbowduino

Nobody knows what it will be like, we chose to try from color blocks. The RGB three colors are casted upon corresponding pins of our new Rainbowduino, adjoin to each other. The result is beyond expectation, the patterns are precisely made.  Complex patterns should be OK, re-alignment does not seems to be a problem. Multi color is feasible, but opaque solid. (don’t expect to have some blending effect)

I’d love to see this sort of thing become a common (and affordable) option with PCB fab houses – seems unlikely at this point, but who can say where open-source hardware will take us next?

In the Maker Shed:

Seeeduino v1.1

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