New in the Maker Shed: LoL Shield

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New in the Maker Shed: LoL Shield

LoL = Lots of LEDs. As in 126 individually addressable pixels for your Arduino!


The LoL Shield is a charlieplexed LED matrix for the Arduino. You can use it to display anything in a 9×14 grid. Scroll text, play games, display images, or anything else you want to do. Please note, this is a shield and requires an Arduino for control. Comes with library and example code to get you started programming Lots of LEDs right away!

The LoL shield is available with Red LED’s or Green LED’s.

LoL Shield in the Maker Shed

4 thoughts on “New in the Maker Shed: LoL Shield

  1. Dale Wheat says:

    This is Kevin the Ever-Helpful Maker Shed roustabout sporting his custom, one-of-a-kind Maker Faire badge that has been blinged to the max with one of Jimmie’s Lol-shields. These shields are amazing! We hand crafted this piece on a whirlwind tour of the Noisebridfge hackerspace. Kevin’s countenance reflects the fact that after working a 14 hour day in the Maker Shed, we then commandeered the hotel shuttle bus and drove the 55 miles there and back from Noisebridge. This photo was taken about 2am on Sunday on the return trip. Kevin was back on duty early Sunday morning with a smile on his face and a song in his heart, showing off his new badge, which by my count had 129 LEDs (Lol-Shield + 3 color Maker Shed Soldering Merit Badge).

  2. Dale Wheat says:

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