Solarbotics Ardweeny

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Solarbotics Ardweeny

Our finely-wired friends at Solarbotics have released their latest Arduino kit, the Ardweeny, “the smallest Arduino you can build yourself with through-hole components.” I love the backpack PCB concept which puts the support electronics for the ATmega328 chip on a board that stacks on top of the chip and is soldered to the chip’s pins. The Ardweeny is a Solarbotics riff on Kimio Kosaka’s One-Chip-Arduino.

Solarbotics Ardweeny

4 thoughts on “Solarbotics Ardweeny

  1. G33K says:

    Does the ‘weeny have the same functionality as the nano, but without on board USB?
    Thanks a lot,

  2. David E. Hayman says:

    You program it as if it were an UNO, I just ordered 3.

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