Make: Arduino Giveaway!

Make: Arduino Giveaway!

Our comrades in the Maker Shed have given us one of their awesome Projects Pack for Arduino V2 kits to give away in the Make: Arduino area! The giveaway will run through Wed midnight (4/20), ending at 11:59m PDT. We’ll be giving a lucky winner one of these kits, worth over $100!

To be eligible, go to the Make: Arduino giveaway page, see the giveaway question, and leave your answer in the comments. That’s all there is to it.

The Maker Shed Arduino Giveaway

Make: Arduino landing page

16 thoughts on “Make: Arduino Giveaway!

  1. Bryan Currey says:

    Wow ! Cool give away !!

  2. Anonymous says:

    one of my most wanted arduino projects is have you ever played the game portal well even if you haven’t there is this cube with hearts on it and is called the companion cube i would use the wave shield to play still alive a song about one of the main characters the song would play and the hearts are split up in 4 quadrants and switch quadrants due to note or beat change

  3. Brian Bilbrey says:

    I’ve got a vision of a decommissioned hard drive motor wrapped in foam, an idler wheel, a hopper, a feed mechanism, and a bag of M&Ms … think tennis ball launcher. Arduino? Motion sensing, motor and feed control, maybe slew and elevation as well.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m new to electronics and I have been dreaming of making the “Secret Knock Gumball Machine” project from volume 25 because I want to show myparents that I really can do something right. I’m not too great in school and my parents think my education is a waste of time. I started to interest myself in woodworking and I’ve been pretty successful at it and I want to get into electronics. The “Secret Knock Gumball Machine” combines electronics and woodworking so I would really like to impress my parents as well.

  5. Cedric Young says:

    I’d like to make a reflective pulse oximeter that you can wear. Something in a wrist watch form that would replace those annoying chest straps that only measure heartbeats. Though it may be pie in the sky, I feel it’s worth a go.

  6. brg says:

    A bark operated toybox controller, with safe closing mechanism for our puppy. This would increase my couch time, make my wife happy to not have to look at the toys all the times, and bring a lot of joy to our little yorkie.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My young kids don’t listen or forget that I told them that If they watch tv too close, that they will ruin their eyes. I would love to build a device that detects how close my kids are watching TV. It will first turn off the volume on the TV and then turn off the TV.

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