The Make: Arduino Giveaway Closes Tonight!


We’ve gotten an awesome response to our giveaway of a Maker Shed Projects Pack for Arduino. It’s not surprising, given how cool this kit is, all of what it contains, and the fact that the contents are worth $100! We’ve been enjoying reading through the over 500 entries, with people telling us what projects they’ve done with MCUs in the past, or would do if they snagged this kit. Look through them. You might get some ideas for your own projects.

We’ll be taking eligible entries until 11:59pm PDT tonight (Wednesday). And we’ll announce the winners tomorrow. Click the link below to leave your comment.

Maker Shed Arduino Giveaway

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4 thoughts on “The Make: Arduino Giveaway Closes Tonight!

  1. Anonymous says:

    We did a near space balloon launch where the sensor package consisted of:
    1 Arduino Nano
    2 DS18B20 (monitoring internal and external temperature
    1 BMP085 Barometric pressure sensor
    1 Open Log to log the data to
    8 high intensity LED’s flashing on the outside of the payload.

    We used a Kaymont weather balloon and sent our sensor package and three cameras to 100k feet before it burst and fell back to earth. Total flight time was over 3 hours.

    Next up, I want to build a UAV with a solar cell that can perch to recharge and then continue on when its batteries are full again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    little typo in the title – “Aduino”. I’ll also second what jcluff said.

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