Two New Shield Kits From Nootropic Design

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Two New Shield Kits From Nootropic Design

Michael Krumpus, a Hack Factory member who created the Hackvision gaming system, has come out with two fantastic new Arduino shield kits that he’s selling from his own store:

The Video Experimenter shield is an Arduino shield that lets you do all kinds of experiments with video.

* Overlay text and graphics onto a video signal from a camera, DVR, DVD player, VCR or any other source of composite video.
* Capture low-res video image frames for display or video processing. Give your Arduino the gift of sight!
* Perform object detection for computer vision projects.
* Decode closed captioning or XDS (extended data services) data embedded in television broadcasts.
* Works with NTSC (North America) or PAL (rest of the world) television standards.
* Uses digital pins 2, 6, 7, 8, and optionally 9. Uses analog pin 2.

The Digit Shield is a simple, low-cost Arduino shield that provides a four digit 7-segment display.
* An easy-to-use open source library makes it very simple to display integers and floating point numbers.
* Multiplexing of digits is implemented using a timer overflow interrupt handler for flicker-free display.
* Only uses 4 Arduino pins (2,3,4,5).
* All through-hole parts for easy kit assembly.
* Available in two display colors: cool, crisp green or blazing red-orange!

Mike says he’ll be at the Hack Factory this Wednesday for open hack, maybe he’ll bring a couple of samples along? HINT HINT.

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