Virtual Gravity – the physical weight of data

Arduino Computers & Mobile Craft & Design

Silke Hilsing created an imaginative interface to talk between the digital and analog world.

Virtual gravity is an interface between digital and analog world. With the aid of analog carriers, virtual terms can be taken up and transported from a loading screen to an analog scale. The importance and popularity of these terms (data base: Google Insights for Search), outputted as a virtual weight, can be weighed physically and compared. Therefore impalpable, digital data get an actual physical existence and become a sensually tangible experience.

The knowledge, that human beings also connect with a physical mass things like importance, power and influence allows the reverse that virtual things which are particularly asked and own a high popularity, would have to be heavier than others which attract less attention. Thereof results a virtual weight which can really affect the physical reality and becomes measurable and comparable.

You can read more about her project here.