Winduino makes music from a passing breeze

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Winduino makes music from a passing breeze


A kind of digital update to the mysterious Aeolian harp instrument, the Winduino is played by the wind itself –

The Winduino II is a wireless, digital version of an Aeolian harp that can be listened to on its own or used as accompaniment for other instruments. Still based around the Adruino BT Bluetooth board, the Winduino II has several improvements over the last version which has vastly improved the performance of this unique sound generating device. The Winduino II also has a custom stand, so the device can be used inside or hung from a hook or tree branch outdoors.

The onboard solar charger is a very nice touch. More regarding Winduino II’s power, sensors, and software on Fascination Workshop. [via Matrixsynth]

6 thoughts on “Winduino makes music from a passing breeze

  1. gassy says:

    I also make music from passing breezes

    1. Collin Cunningham says:

      wow, I pretty much walked right into that, didn’t I?

  2. Owen says:

    How much does this cost to make?

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