Atari Punk Console – weekend electronics project



The Atari Punk Console is a simple electronic music circuit that you can easily put together in a weekend. The original concept was created by Forrest M. Mims III, writer of Getting Started in Electronics. At it’s simplest it’s just a 556 dual timer IC, a couple potentiometers, and a few capacitors and resistors. Hack together a slick enclosure, though, and you’ve got a beautiful little gizmo that pumps out sick square wave goodness.

GetLoFi has a few good links to schematics, sample audio, and enclosure ideas. Forrest himself even checked in and commented that you can use things like photoresistors or other sensors in place of the potentiometers to have the audio output controlled by the device’s environment.

What are you waiting for? Go make an APC and send me a link to your project.

Atari Punk Console schematics – Link
Forrest Mims – Link, Books

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