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AVR tri-color LED controller


A little while ago we posted about a fun LED scroller project made by Hackszine pal Kalanda. He wrote in today with an update about his latest howto project, a multi-color animated LED controller based on the AVR platform.

The new project based in AVR microcontrollers Its an “Habitat Mirror Hack” with RGB Leds (superflux). Its the Peggy Muppets Mirror.

I replace the regular bulbs that it has, with superflux RGB leds and i make a controller based on ATMEGA8 for control 16 rgb leds with 3 bits of color depth (8 colors). In my post you can download scheme, pcb and source code.

It looks like a fun project, and you could adapt it for other uses pretty easily. His site is in Spanish, and though I’d normally like to a Google Translate version, unfortunately Translate isn’t converting the entire post, only the first paragraph. To get the full details, you’ll have to cut and paste the text into Translate manually.

Thanks, Kalanda!

Kalanda’s RGB Mirror: an AVR tri-color LED controller

4 thoughts on “AVR tri-color LED controller

  1. Matt Simmons says:

    On my GB network, I went from 20MB/s to 400MB/s just by removing the compression flag from my rsync. You might want to try it here, too with the tar option.

    But nevermind that, holy cow. I completely forgot about nc. I’m going to give this a shot today. I’m doing a 340GB database copy from one host to another. It typically takes just over 2 hours. I’m willing to bet that netcat can get that down under an hour and a half. I’ll be sure to write a blog entry about it. Thanks!

    Here is my original post:

  2. Benpage26 says:

    Hi, I am trying to use this technique to transfer some files between two computers.

    I have never used tar in conjunction with netcat before, and I was wondering the best way that you can make sure that the transfer was completed successfully or even completed at all, i presume the “nc -l” command will hang indefinitely, and not terminate when tar is finished.

    Any help is appreciated,

  3. kal u says:

    will this be faster than fileZilla?

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