BBC Micro:Bit Coming Soon to Adafruit and the USA

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BBC Micro:Bit Coming Soon to Adafruit and the USA

Last year we watched as the BBC Micro:Bit was finalized, released, and given to school children. Alasdair Allan explained some of the historical significance of the BBC Micro, a common sight in schools, and several of us lamented that we wouldn’t be seeing them in the US soon.

Adafruit has just announced that they’ll have the BBC Micro:Bit in stock very soon. They’ll probably go quickly though, so you should sign up to be notified when they get stock.

As you can see in the video above, there are some interesting and fun features to the Micro:Bit. It has bluetooth, a magnetometer, accelerometer, and that funky expansion area. The expansion section is perfect for prototyping with alligator clips, but I personally can’t help but think about the ka-chunk you’d get by making a nice slot adapter for it.


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