Big Book of Windows Hacks #16: a grab bag of Vista interface hacks



Here’s another hack from Preston Gralla’s Big Book of Windows Hacks that digs into some cool hacks for the Vista user interface. You’ll learn how to hack ClearType, get rid of the text from desktop icons, mess around with selecting multiple files in Explorer, delete files without being interrogated each time, and more. Hack #16 – Link


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  • Big Book of Windows Hacks–New from Make: Tips & Tricks for Unlocking the Power of Your Windows PC – Link
  • Hack #156 from Big Book of Windows Hacks: strip down your Windows installation – Link

0 thoughts on “Big Book of Windows Hacks #16: a grab bag of Vista interface hacks

  1. mark says:

    does it records (1200X1600) resolurion video at 10fps?
    just wow.., then i think it will be able to record videos of (640X480) res at even higher then 30fps, way higher then n95 and n93i….good job!

  2. JoKeRKO says:

    when we publish the final version…because with this version we only can record 5seconds and we can´t save the video…i think that 5seconds are few but with the final version you can record all the time you want or not??

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