BITSCOPE – DIY PC Oscilloscopes and analyzers

BITSCOPE – DIY PC Oscilloscopes and analyzers

Here’s another DIY PC oscilloscopes one of our MAKE readers sent in, the BITSCOPE –

“The original award winning BitScope design was published in Circuit Cellar in 1998. This classic BitScope is published here so you can learn how it works. BitScope has evolved a long way since 1998 but all BitScopes are still based on the same Analog + Digital concept of the original design.

Released as kits, BitScope BS220 and BS300 became very popular with electronics enthusiasts the world over. We have since been forced to discontinue the kits as some through-hole parts used are obsolete.

The current models BS310, BS50 and BS442 are now all SMT designs and have become very popular with professional engineers in design and development, manufacture, testing and service fields.

Now all models are available as manufactured products but the core design at the heart of all these BitScopes remains the same and is published at this website.

Likewise the BitScope Virtual Machine programming API is explained and its specifications published so anyone can write software for BitScope or build their own add-on modules.” Thanks Anomalous! – Link.


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