Blinking eyes circuit for halloween gadgets

Blinking eyes circuit for halloween gadgets

Here’s a super handy/easy circuit for making LED eyes blink for your Halloween gadgets and projects, Paul writes – “The eye blink circuit consists of a timer and light emitting diodes, which function as the eyes. The timer circuit for the blinking eyes is based on the 555 timer. Figure 1 illustrates the standard timer circuit. The resistors and capacitor on the left control the charge and discharge of the circuit, which runs the pulse rate and duty cycle of the timer. The values in Figure 1 were chosen for a eye blink rate of approximately a second or two and a duty cycle of 85%. This simulates the blinking rate of eyes. The variable resistor allows the eye blink rate to be adjusted.”Link.


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8 thoughts on “Blinking eyes circuit for halloween gadgets

  1. beakmyn says:

    I found the LM3909N (LED Flasher) is much simpler to use

  2. Oracle1729 says:

    If you have a source for the LM3909, please share it with the rest of us.

    It is a fantastic chip, but it was discontinued years ago, I haven’t seen them available for ages.

  3. Windell_Oskay says:

    As beakmyn suggests, they are available from futurlec.
    HSC also has them, at a higher price.

  4. beakmyn says: has a variable 2 LED flasher kit also

    Two potentiometers adjust the flash
    rate of two LEDs. 9V operation.
    CAT# MK-1021
    $4.95 each

    I used this to control the flash rate on my “Crank Ghost” since it was simple, cheap, and I was running short on time.

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