Board-less radio transmitter

Board-less radio transmitter

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Member Shadle assembled this intricate radio transmitter circuit for the QRP Kits Pacificon building contest. No PCB – inspiring!

QRP Kits –Link

Radio Transmitter Circuit
Ultra-tight freeform circuitry –Link

27 thoughts on “Board-less radio transmitter

  1. wayfarer49 says:

    I’ve been doing the same with my projects for years, except for the planning part.


  2. John says:

    That’s a classic. Guess where the name “breadboard” for a prototype board comes from. Yes, from people using wooden breadboards (the ones originally intended for, uhm, cutting bread), plus a bunch of nails or thumbtack to build a circuit.

  3. sartre says:

    Coldly efficient PCBs abstract the life out of circuits (I know productions demands and high frequencies mandate it, but still). Beautiful!

  4. anymouse says:

    Here’s a morse code transmitter for an arduino. It can also be made using only an ATTINY13V, battery and length of wire:

  5. Volkemon says:


    I never knew why it was called breadboard.

    THANKS MAKEr!!!!

  6. elalseaccogmA says:


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  8. MrSmithXse says:


  9. L.Louise says:

    Das war einige interessante Sachen hier auf Vielen Dank für Entsendung es.

  10. AsnundaMup says:


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  13. Wayne Andersen says:

    Very nice.

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