Breadboard power supply hits both rails

Breadboard power supply hits both rails


Chris writes –

David Fowler at uCHobby has introduced his new-and-improved breadboard power supply, which is both an excellent introduction to soldering technique *and* a useful tool for further electronics work.

Indeed it is a nice little board – with additional header pins to bring power out to both sides of the board and add some extra stability. Jumper selectable 3.3/5V operation, plus one feature I don’t see often enough on supplies like this – a power switch. It seems one should consider adding a heatsink to that voltage regulator if you plan on using an input source higher than 25V – SBBPWR2 Revised design for Breadboard power supply module

6 thoughts on “Breadboard power supply hits both rails

  1. Hazard says:

    Inspired by this and other breadboard power supplys, I designed my own with positive and negative output, meant to use with op-amps.
    Schematics and more information:

  2. anachrocomputer says:

    What a neat design! Wish I’d thought of it…

    BTW, a power switch that’s very easy to operate is vital in a gadget like this — you may need to switch off in a hurry if things are getting hot on the breadboard!

  3. marx marvelous says:

    Cool idea! Though I’d rather have a switching regulator and SMD soldering practice myself.

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