Brewing beer on an oceanographic research vessel

Brewing beer on an oceanographic research vessel

Ever been stuck on a (presumably dry) research vehicle, and want to enjoy some sweet beer? Andrew of Southern Fried Science has some tips about how to make a passable beverage using only ingredients and tools you would find in such a situation, such as a coffee maker, cereal, and fruits and nuts for flavor. After years of using carefully selected ingredients to produce craft beer, I like the idea of grabbing some stuff that you happen to have on hand, to try and produce a reasonable brew…

Beer brewing is the delicate and dedicated blending of art and science. Finding the perfect balance of grains, hops, malt, adding just the right flavoring agents, boiling for exactly enough time to release the tannins, starches, humic acids from you wort, activating enzymes to break down those starches, forging the perfect mash from the ether of sobriety to give birth to that most glorious pint, these are skills that take a lifetime to master. Perfect beer is meticulously planned and carefully crafted.

Screw that.

You’re six days into a 2 month expedition, and if you were lucky enough to not be on a dry ship, it’s de facto dry by now anyway. You’re eying the ethanol stores, the crew is eying each other, and all hell will break loose if y’all don’t get some sweet water soon. This is no time for artistry.

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Above photo of the ingredients to a normal batch of blackberry ale.