Build a spy bug with off the shelf parts


This video shows how to build a “Spy Bug” transmitter with a mini microphone to capture all of the the “suspicious” moments you might encounter. Watch the video and see if you agree that we should teach it’s maker how to solder a bit better.

20 thoughts on “Build a spy bug with off the shelf parts

  1. Bill says:

    He knows enough to burnish the copper before soldering, and tin the tip, so maybe the cold solder joints are also part of him just doing the video in a bit of a hurry.

    Also in his defense, it looks like he is using one of those hideous unregulated RapoShack irons, or something similar. If you learn to work with crappy tools, your own work ends up being crappy, and never realizing the state of crap.

  2. DammitCoetzee says:

    This is pretty useless to most people unless it has a parts list and a schematic. It ends up being a demonstration video for why you should not use a racksoshat soldering iron. I would have also liked to see a “how-to tune it” and “how-to listen to it” section of the video.

  3. Agronski says:

    The soldering is sub-par, but you should also never build high-frequency stuff on veroboard.

    RF charateristics of single-transistor transmitters are lousy anyway, without having all that stray capacitance too.

    Dead-bug style construction on an unetched piece of cooper-clad board is far superior, and actually improves stability and range.

  4. SelfSilent says:

    I feel that Make: are scraping the barrel by showing this.

    Showing a video of someone randomly soldering stuff to vero board isn’t a how2.
    Yes the soldering is bad but we don’t even get to see it working to prove that poor soldering is acceptable.

    No schematic, no list of what is needed, blurred video of where things are placed, doesn’t show how to use it. This is VERY weak.

    Surely Make: are that desperate that they need to feature this rubbish.
    There must be a whole rake of boring Arduino stuff and even more rubbish halloween stuff to offer.

  5. PhineusQButterfat says:

    ….just found one of the old Radio Shack FM Transmitter kits and slaps it together on video? (Google an image of it; I’m dead right on this one!)

    If you like this video we also recommend:
    The video of me peeling an orange and tying my show.

  6. rp says:

    And this critic should learn about apostrophes in his very own English language:

    “we should teach it’s (!!) maker how to solder a bit better.”

  7. Volkemon says:

    @rp – it would appear that singular possesive is the state of ‘it’, so the ‘ is called for before the S. Maybe I am missing your point….and you passed on “and tying my show”
    (translates to tie my shoes?)

    @SelfSilent – Arrrgh! Don’t say the H word..

    I made it to 2:50 before the music drove me batty :)

    Yes, somewhat sub par for MAKE, thats where it pays to look at who submits the post. I find it saves a lot of time. The comments drew me here…they always rock.

  8. SeldSilent says:

    RP is spot on with the incorrect use of the apostrophe.

    An apostrophe replaces a missing letter. It’s has had the i replaced with an apostrophe so the resulting word is IT IS.

  9. comodore says:

    Can somebody give me the parts list and the schematic please!

  10. anomy says:

    I see this was so interesting that everyone had to talk about the proper use of an apostrophe.

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