Choose Your Own Product Placement

Choose Your Own Product Placement

Product Placement Experiment

Josh Paul, author of Digital Video Hacks, has created a pretty amazing product placement experiment:

While viewing, pay attention to the table; there will be a box of cereal on it (or not). The box of cereal can be changed by using the links below. After changing a placement, simply restart the video from the beginning.

The video is also clickable, so when a product is on screen, clicking on it leads to an appropriate web site.


2 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Product Placement

  1. aplumb says:

    That is sneaky! If you’re watching for it, the giveaway that it’s not real is the stuffed animal’s shadow. As the guy moves the animal up and over, its shadow appears under/through the box.

    I wonder if we’ll see more of this sort of thing as more TV networks serve up Flash-based video directly. Gives “targetted advertising” a whole new lease on life…

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