Citizen Engineer 01 – SIM card and payphone hacks


Ladyada and PT have kicked off the first episode of their Citizen Engineer video series in style. This episode explores GSM SIM card technology and the more retro tech found inside a retired Bell payphone. Ladyada shows how to create a SIM reader which you can use to do things like read deleted SMS messages or brute-force the card’s secret key. In the second part, the team dismantles an old Bell payphone and hacks it to function as a home telephone, require quarters for use, and make Skype calls.

Citizen Engineer

2 thoughts on “Citizen Engineer 01 – SIM card and payphone hacks

  1. Jeff says:

    I will hook my ipod up to an old circuit board, connect a couple of wire with bubble gum, insert the wires into the magnetic strip reader, and have my friend on the other side of the door open the door.

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