3D modeling with your hands…

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A MAKE reader sent in a video of this interesting looking 3D modelling program (called InDex by Digital ArtForms) that lets you sculpt with your hands, anyone ever try it? – Link & more.

14 thoughts on “3D modeling with your hands…

  1. tbuser says:

    wiimote + nunchuck + blender?

  2. cbleslie says:

    It would be very hard to see realworld use for this modeling program. Given the fact that it seems fairly basic, and inefficient (perhaps even inaccurate?); this would be more compareable to a child’s painting program than a respectable CAD program. Infact, I would go even so far to say that I’d rather have Google’s sketch-up. The controllers are an interesting idea, perhaps with map/navigation program?

  3. Stokes says:

    SketchUp is not well suited to organic shapes; even moderately complex curves are tough to do. A system like this would not necessarily be especially accurate, but it would be good for sketching out models for later rework. A freehand pencil sketch isn’t as precise as something drawn on a drafting table, but that doesn’t make pencil drawings useless.

    There are only two problems I see with it. First, holding your arms out in front of you is going to start to hurt pretty quickly. I get enough shoulder pain using a mouse for too long at a time. The other thing I don’t like is the ‘in the scene’ 3D UI. A 3D UI like that just isn’t efficient.

  4. ehrichweiss says:

    I have something that does something akin to this. It’s call the P5 Powerglove. You can find them for $20 on ebay and they’re pretty neat but, as mentioned, not incredibly accurate, and very tiring for the arms.

  5. thenickboy says:

    I can see this as being difficult on the arms. I got tired working on an assembly line having to lift my arms over my head – to your arms in precise movements would tire you out much faster.

    Also, in the demonstration, they didn’t show any precision parts (i.e. a gearing system, interlocking system, etc) that were designed from the start. They only showed the organic and fluid shapes.

    A majority of the parts I design are set to 90 degree angles, and are not purely built in Stereolithography (STL) If everything you built was STL, this would be a great program since this thing looks like it can hash out prototypes and organics pretty quickly. But for the details, and building 10k parts on an assembly line, forget it.

    They should stick to advertising for the animators and visualization guys, not the engineers.

  6. Iteki says:

    It’s like the 80s threw up on my screen :)

  7. o-tang says:

    Hmm, I think it looks great, don’t see why one input device have to rule out another. After all, most of us use (at least) both a mouse and a keyboard…

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