A Working OLED Watch Built from Scratch

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A Working OLED Watch Built from Scratch


What do you do when you have a small spare organic LED display? If you’re computer engineering student Jared Sanson, you make a watch out of it, designing nearly every aspect of it from scratch.

This design was started at the circuit level, and after that, a PCB was laid out in Altium, which Jared only had limited experience using. Once the PCB and components arrived there were a few initial issues, but correcting your mistakes is always part of engineering a new item.

Once the hardware was functional, quite a bit of software work had to be done. In order to get everything running, including the firmware, graphics engine, and several other “details,” Jared used the C, C#, and Python languages. He humbly remarks on his blog that “it’s taken me a lot of work to get this far,” and I can only imagine how many hours were put into this project.

To finish things off, he considered using a 3D printed case, but decided to go with an aluminum case designed for the iPod Nano. After a little modification, it looks fantastic, but given the amount of detail put into the electronics and programming, I’m almost surprised that he didn’t make a mould and cast his own!

Slideshow pictures from above linked page, and OLED watch (1), OLED watch (2)

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