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Starting today T-mobile will start pushing the latest Android update to folks with G1 smartphones. One of the more interesting features of Android 1.5 “Cupcake” is the ability to author widgets. This is a boon for people looking for an easy way to remotely monitor a service without having to resort to developing a full-blown app. The above video shows off some of the early widgets currently available through the Android Market.

[via phonedog]

2 thoughts on “Android “Cupcake” widgets

  1. steve says:

    As I’ve written on phonedog, this is an appalling video. He’s running far too much on a hacked early Android release. He fails miserably to achieve anything in the second half and makes the G1 look like a clunky, buggy monster and a shadow of its actual self. It also gives phonedog a bad name. Delete this rubbish.

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