Benheck’s PC Mod Pick of the Day – The Works of Jeffrey Stephenson

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Benheck’s PC Mod Pick of the Day – The Works of Jeffrey Stephenson

Today’s mod pick of the day celebrates a single artist – Jeffrey Stephenson. His PC mods are generally made from wood and other retro materials and look quite awesome.

Let’s take a look at some of the ones I found the most intriguing, shall we?

This one is great. I love the reflective chrome dome in the middle, which can effortlessly reflect a statue of The Thinker. The design is mostly symmetrical, the wood grain all goes in the same direction and it just looks great. A mod with true class.

This small little picture-viewer type device is great. It expresses a monolithic, Art-Deco style that is very simple yet elegant. The use of chrome on wood gives a great look, contrasting materials that still look “right”.

This one is just balls-out awesome. Maybe I’m biased since I love cigars, but even the surgeon general would have to agree this case is just frickin’ beautiful. The design is perfectly symmetrical, you’ve got the chrome wings coming off the timepiece, the glass case portions look great, it’s just perfect. Hats off to Jeffrey especially for this one, this is the kind of thing I’d pay good money for.

This one is a lot different from the others but interesting nevertheless. The needle gauges are great, as are the large pushbuttons below them. The metal ridges show great attention to detail and contrast well with the sleek metallic tube section. This is what Flash Gordon’s iPod would have looked.

Most of Jeffrey’s mods use the small form factor VIA motherboards, which aren’t the most powerful things on the planet but they get the job done. What these are however are true works of art which both reflect a bygone era of bold, Art Deco design and the creativity to bring those inspirations to the modern world of PC modding.

I think it goes to show that you don’t need to build a monster gaming rig to impress in the modding scene, especially if you can build things this cool. Perhaps your skills are in a different area, but if you’re into modding, take the things you admire, be them vintage radios, lunch boxes, SPAM cans, and use that for your inspiration. Make your mods a testament to what you enjoy, and the creative juices will flow more freely.

The ONLY thing I could possibly suggest to see on one of these are perhaps some faux vacuum tubes, rigged to “warm up” when the device is turned on. That would be fairly pointless, yet sweet.

Until next time I am Ben Heckendorn, signing off!

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