Cell Phone lets you use it with gloves still on

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Cell Phone lets you use it with gloves still on


Designed for winter, this cell phone’s large buttons allow its user to use them outside while wearing thick gloves. The concept brings in to question what other specific types of contexts phones could be developed for or how they could be made to easily adapt to their environments and specific user scenarios in general.

[via], also see Crispin Jones’ “Social Mobiles” project for IDEO

8 thoughts on “Cell Phone lets you use it with gloves still on

  1. Wubby says:

    Well, if it’s designed for winter, why is it white? Almost any other color for winter is better. i realize it’s just a concept phone but, wouldn’t it be ironic if you were so happy to have use of a phone with your gloves on that you dropped it in a nearby snowdrift? Needle, meet haystack.

  2. Scott Messinger says:

    I think a more useful idea would be a container for any cell phone, with a connector on the inside and buttons on the outside. It might cause problems with the signal, but then you could use a passive external antenna to help the signal pass through the box.

    Then you wouldn’t need to use a seperate phone everytime you go skiing.

  3. Kim says:

    When I was selling cell phones there were SO MANY people that just wanted a basic phone with big buttons (especially older folks). I think they’d be better off marketing it as something like that rather than a “winter” phone!

  4. Justin Pike says:

    I thought I saw this somewhere before, wouldn’t it be easier to modify the gloves? Add a nipple to the thumb or something like that.

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