Dog-simple phone charging station

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Dog-simple phone charging station

Over at the Steampunk Workshop, Jake von Slatt posted this brief item:

Here’s a dead simple cell phone charging station I installed next to our main entrance. It’s just a pair of hangers of the sort you’d use in the garage to store a shovel or a rake. If your wall isn’t made of barn-board like ours, you can screw the hangers into a block of wood and use regular drywall anchors to attach it.

Note: if you have an older phone with a transformer type wall wart you’ll want to add a power strip with a switch since those older supplies drew nearly the same amount of power when disconnected from the phone as they did when charging it.

Steampunk Workshop

20 thoughts on “Dog-simple phone charging station

  1. ionymous says:

    seems a bit on the precarious side

  2. Malweth says:

    I use a similar system that costs less, looks better, and doesn’t leave a hole in the wall…. I plug in the phone and leave it on the TV stand.

  3. Naikrovek says:

    yeah that’s going to fall as soon as someone’s coat brushes it.

    points for organization, but it’s gonna fall.

  4. Marc says:

    At my very first glace of the title and the picture before I scrolled down made me think that the pencil sharpener was going to be part of the charging system. I have to admit the post was a little anti-climatic for me.

  5. BigD145 says:

    A wire basket, with a slot cut out just wide enough for the plug, would work much better.

  6. DaWankler says:


    He screwed two wall hangers into a wall and called it a charging station? You thought that was cool enough to post?!

  7. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Yes. And yes.

    And the post has absolutely nothing to do with Jake von Slatt. It’s a very simple solution I happen to like. You either do or you don’t. If you don’t, move along.

    And the phones won’t fall. As you can see from the black cord, there’s a knot, so if a phone “falls,” it won’t go very far.

  8. Jake von Slatt says:

    LOL! 6 comments so far, wow!

    Truth is I didn’t think that this was worth a post when I installed the hooks, it was just a quick fix because I got tired of bending over to retrieve the charger cord when I plugged in the phone.

    Now it’s three years later they just work so freaking well I’d thought I’d share.

  9. DaWankler says:

    It makes sense to post it on your blog, Jake, afterall, it’s something you did and wanted to share. My point was it has to be a very slow news day (or something over at the Steampunk Workshop) to have a Make post about two wall hangers with cords knotted around them called “charging stations”.

  10. blubrick says:

    That was my first thought when I saw this. The phone is not repackaged into an elaborately etched and over-engineered brass case, the hooks are regular plastic coated store-bought offerings rather than hand forged and electroplated with copper and bearing all manner of flourishes – and is that a mundane ’70s era wall-mounted rotary pencil sharpener I see?

    Nay, this be not the work of Jake von Slatt!

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