Easily Control Ambient Lighting with Your Smartphone

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Easily Control Ambient Lighting with Your Smartphone

If you’re looking to jumpstart an ambient lighting project and could use a controller with out-of-the-box iOS and Android support, you might want to check out the iGloLEDset from MEA Mobile. They’ve currently got a 5V kit that comes with a nice iOS/Android app to mix color gradients on-the-fly from your mobile device. They’re also working on a 12V version that should work with a wider lighting selection. [Thanks, Bruce!]

6 thoughts on “Easily Control Ambient Lighting with Your Smartphone

  1. Evilution says:

    This will fail to make the funding. $40 overseas delivery! Why so much and why do Kickstarter projects based in the US always want to charge so much for delivery?

  2. Tim says:

    I agree that this is not going to get funded. I $300 is way to much for this concidering that almost everyone on this site would rather make something like this with a rPi and a phone app. That is what they should really be selling. The abitlity to plug your own devices in and control them with an app. If you don’t want to then here is the whole set.

    1. Adam Flaherty says:

      Interesting that folks go strait to the Kickstarter project. I specifically don’t mention it.

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