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Electrist – Palm Software for EE

Electrist, from Red Binary Development (aka Patrick Griffin), is a $20 PalmOS app that helps anyone who’s building or modifying electronics. It plugs values into all the commonly-used formulas, as well as many obscure ones, and even shows resistor color codes. See a glowing review on page seven of the May issue of ESSN (Energy Self Sufficiency Newsletter). Link.

0 thoughts on “Electrist – Palm Software for EE

  1. AtADeadRun says:

    Does anyone know if there are free/cheap alternatives available for those of us who don’t have Palms? I’d be just as happy with this on my laptop, since I can use that at the house or cart it to work with me if necessary.

  2. _Skippy says:

    Tell us what Equations you want, and i am sure some one could make something for free in Excell

  3. salmansheikh says:

    Why is somebody advertising on this blog? Isn’t this all about things we can make? Please do your ADVERTISING elsewhere. I can go to palm sw sites for stuff like this.

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