Flash drive in USB plug

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Flash drive in USB plug

Windell of EMS Labs writes:

Holy crap– somebody just went and TORE MY FREAKING USB CABLE IN HALF while it was still attached to my laptop!!!

No– wait– sorry. That’s just my USB drive. My bad. Never mind.

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2 thoughts on “Flash drive in USB plug

  1. Mark says:

    I know a lot of you (us) are tired of seeing projects where you cram a flash drive into somethign else. But I have to admit I got a chuckle out of this. It reminds me of reading about someone putting a bluetooth headset in the handset of a public phone with a few inches of frayed wire hanging off the end. The result being you look completely insane using it in public.

    Someone at evilmadscientis already voiced the concern I would have about this flash drive that someone walking by might just toss it. It’s one thing to disguise a flash drive as something else, but think twice before making it look like trash. What’s next, flash drive in a used Kleenex?

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