Homemade flatbed printer

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From the YouTube description:

First step towards a homemade 3D printer. This is the insides of an HP1360, the paper feed encoder is being used to drive a stepper motor to move the gantry. The encoder is decoded and divided by a parallax propeller microcontroller that also detects the paper feed and ignores other paper feed motor rotations. The gantry is moved by a cable drive to be replaced by a belt.

Homemade flatbed printer – [via] Link

10 thoughts on “Homemade flatbed printer

  1. Windell_Oskay says:

    That was made by Graham Stabler who has all kinds of other incredible projects as well. Sadly, there’s no documentation about this particular project on his page.

  2. Windell_Oskay says:

    Sorry, bad link. Try this one.

  3. Tercero says:

    It’s interesting, but without any sort of documentation or description, it’s pretty much an absolutely useless link wouldn’t you say?

  4. Daenris says:

    Very interesting. There was a thread on the Make forums awhile ago about trying to create a homemade direct-to-garment t-shirt printer by modifying an existing inkjet printer. This looks like it could be used for exactly that as long as the right inks/dyes were used.

  5. GrahamStabler says:

    Well this is a bit late in the day but for the record I have made three attempts to submit the flatbed printer as a potential article idea to make magazine and have had zero response.

    Tercero, you could have used the link to get my email address and contact me as other have.

    Some documentation here:


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