How to: Create an Out-Of-Band Dialup Router

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How to: Create an Out-Of-Band Dialup Router

Router.Tom Bridge writes: In the aftermath of Katrina, with our T1 gone in our Jackson, MS office, we had to create a simple dialup router that could share one connection across many devices. This is how we did it. For less than $200. In an hour. Link

4 thoughts on “How to: Create an Out-Of-Band Dialup Router

  1. chromal says:

    Pretty cool. Another possibility would be to take an old PC, perhaps a Pentium-75, and use a single-diskette or bootable CD Linux distro to setup a dialup PPP connection with IP NATing. Could probably be done for $0.

  2. jcantara says:

    While I didn’t know that having a router natively control a modem was an option; this is hardly something that seems make-worthy to me. It’s just using hardware in a way that it was designed to be used… with some zip-ties to hold things together (oh my).

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