How to get DOS games to work in Windows XP

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How to get DOS games to work in Windows XP

Images-28 Great for emulation projects- There is no DOS in Windows XP! What is called the “command prompt” is not really DOS … it can be thought of as more of a simulation of DOS. Windows XP (and Windows 2000), unlike Windows 95, 98, and ME, are NOT built on an MSDOS foundation. So, while this makes for better speed and stability, it also makes for sometimes lousy backwards compatibility. Link.

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  1. Lemur821 says:

    Often the simplest solution is to run your game inside DOSbox ( Although newer dos games won’t run, many DOS games will. It really makes it easier to get sound working.

  2. philliptorrone says:

    my pal brian also pointed me to this site: – the author is the Program Manager for the Virtual Machine team at Microsoft). He has a lot of stuff about Virtual Server, but a few times a week, he posts something about getting an old DOS game running under Virtual PC

  3. Lanny77 says:

    I found some very good tutorials and help texts on how to start nearly every DOS Game on Windows XP (and probably below) on in the help section. It’s mostly about the DOS emulator DOSBox, which seems to run all the oldies under the new Windows Systems.

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