HOW TO – Use full-size CD-Rs on a VideoNow

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This video tutorial shows you how to modify the case on a Tiger Electronics VideoNow kid vid player (which normally uses a special 4″ CD) so that it can play back regulation CDs.

VideoNow Color Mod Uncut Cdr [Thanks, Craniac!] – Link

12 thoughts on “HOW TO – Use full-size CD-Rs on a VideoNow

  1. Capt'n Obvious says:

    Or… You know… get a PSP. Higher res, no modification, and it does other useful stuff.

    GJ on the hack though. Just, not my cup of tea.

  2. Stokes says:

    A PSP is cool and ultimately more practical, but it’s one hell of a lot more expensive, both for the base unit and for the memory sticks required. This player and 68GB of media (100 CD-R) will set you back $25 or so.

  3. cyrano says:

    What video formats are compatible with this device? Can we encode our own home movies as a regular VCD or is this only good for making backups of existing regulation VideoNow discs?

  4. gregr says:

    Im not sure you noticed but PSPs dont play full size cd-r

  5. The Captian says:

    Of course PSP’s don’t play full-sized CD’s. They are way too big for anything ‘portable’ nowadays.

    And just try carrying around more than 4 CD’s with you to play on this thing. Yeah. That’s real portable right there.

    My PSP with both of my 4GB Memory Sticks have:

    3 full games (5 really, but those are for my finance)
    200+ MP3’s (mine and hers)
    5 movies (full length, minus ending credits)
    and well over 500 games on NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy Advanced, and Arcade games.

    More space? okay. Buy more cards. They take up no space (I keep them in a altoids tin in my pocket) and they are reusable. They also don’t scratch, skip, or have the dye peel off.

    Total cost was under $200 bucks for the PSP and a 4gb card. Oh, and it has WiFi so it can go online to the Internet. And it streams music from the Internet, in case I get tired of my music I have on there.

    So yeah. Just seems like a case of penny-wise and dollar-foolish to me. But to each his own. That’s what is great about this Internet thing: I can have my say, and you can have yours, and he can have his. Wonderful!

  6. Mac says:

    I’d be more interested in knowing whether the color display can be yanked out and used in other projects. Considering how cheap the VideoNow can be purchased for on the Internet (under $15 on Amazon right now), that is very inexpensive for a small, full-color display.

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