In the Maker Shed: Pixel Qi Display

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In the Maker Shed: Pixel Qi Display

The Pixel Qi screen from the Maker Shed is a revolutionary plug-and-play LCD display technology for your netbook. This one-of-a-kind 10.1-inch display offers two modes, an easy-to-read multimedia color mode, or a crisp low power e-reader mode. The e-reader mode has 3 times the resolution of the fully saturated color mode, allowing for a high resolution reading experience without sacrifice to super color fidelity for graphics. Upgrade your current display for incredible battery life, and the ability to use your netbook outside in full sunlight. Check out the product page for more information on compatibility, and links to more resources.

6 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: Pixel Qi Display

  1. Kris says:

    You have to do comparision in the room lighting conditions and in the shade. And not the color display but the high resolution one. We all know that it can deliver in the harsh daylight but people say that it does not work well in more dim lighting conditions.

    I would say that I’m not convinced at all and I’m not even considering buying this situation is sorted out and I belive that lot of other people too have the same opinion.

  2. Francesco Delfino says:

    I am really interested in buying it, but I am worried because of the viewing angle (I see a bad comment in the forum).
    Is the viewing angle when NOT in daylight similar to that of the ipad?

  3. Paul Kemp says:

    Any plans to make a kit for tablets, either 7″ or 10″

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