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We’re obviously excited for Maker Faire, but one of the things we’re REALLY hyped about this year are all the inspirational women that are slated to speak. Check out our list of the talks you won’t want to miss!

You can find the entire schedule on the Maker Faire site along with all the information you need to get your tickets, find parking, and have the best possible time.

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GINA LUJEN: Making My Way Through Life – One Hack At A Time
Probably the talk I am most excited to see is Gina Lugen, founding CEO of both Hacker Lab and Code For Hood, social entrepreneur, startup enthusiast, and personal inspiration. She’ll be speaking about her experiences of creating opportunities for herself by embracing community, and working through the challenges she faced. Starting as an undereducated young mother of color with few resources, she cultivated, grew, and organized her community to create an innovative hackerspace that serves over 500 members. Today, she helps communities throughout rural California launch their own makerspaces and empower their own local communities.
Sunday @ 2:30 PM –  2:45 PM on Center Stage

DANIELLE FEINBERG: From Logo Turtles to Movie Magic: How This Girl Got Her STEAM On
Danielle’s love for computer artistic design sparked at a young age. She started out drawing images of a turtle with the Logo programming language. She began her professional career at an entry level technical position at Pixar. There, she found a love for lighting in rendering and worked her way up to Director of Photography for Lighting. She is going to speak on the art and science behind animation from her experience working on over 10 films for Pixar, including Coco, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, WALL-E, and Brave.
Sunday @  3:15 PM – 3:45 PM on  Center Stage

SARAH CORBETT: Why Makers (Yes you!) Make Great Activists
As a lifelong activist I am always inspired by Sarah Corbett, Founding Director of the Craftivist Collective. Her gentle and elegant approach to activism is both impactful and admirable. She will be speaking on how you can make social change through creative “gentle protesting.”
Saturday @ 1:00 PM –  1:30 PM on Center Stage

ANGELA SHEEHAN: Insta-Hue Heels: Bluetooth Controlled Color Changing Shoes
One of my favorite pieces in the latest issue of Make: magazine was Angela Sheehan’s beautiful LED color shifting heels. The best part of this project wasn’t just that they change color, but that the color changing was managed by a matching LED bluetooth control bracelet. If you follow her on social media, you may also know that she has been working on some great new projects to debut. She’ll also be speaking on Saturday about Sewable Electronics so check the schedule for that!
Sunday @ 1:45 PM –  2:00 PM on Make: Electronics presented by DigiKey

SOPHY WONG: Meet SelfieBot: a Pi Camera with a Quirky Personality
Another great project in the latest volume of Make: is the SelfieBot. It’s an adorable photo box that includes tons of interactive animations that give it a personality all its own! Sophy will be talking about the design and build process for this amazing little project.
Sunday @ 1:30 PM –  1:45 PM on Make: Electronics presented by DigiKey

Allie “Robot Maker Girl” Weber is an inspiring young maker, builder, and inventor with her own popular YouTube show: Tech-Nic-Allie Speaking. Her CV is already more impressive than mine: winner of the Global Spark Lab Invent-It Challenge in 2016, named a Top 10 Young Scientist Finalist by Discovery Education and 3M in 2018, and named as one of the 21 under 21 girls who are changing the world by Teen Vogue in 2017. Come hear her speak on both days about her maker journey!
Saturday @ 2:30 PM –  3:00 PM on Make: Electronics presented by DigiKey
Sunday @ 1:00 PM –  1:30 PM on Make: Electronics presented by DigiKey

CLARE MASON: Winston Moy, Joel Telling & Clare Mason
Clare is the creator of the YouTube STEM series, Make It and Fake It, and one of my favorite YouTube makers. Her show is both relatable and inspiring, AND includes a meta DIY video on making DIY videos! Come see her speaking on making content with Joel Telling, Winston Moy, and (spoilers) me on the DIY Content Creators stage.
Saturday @ 4:30 PM –  5:30 PM on DIY Content Creator Stage

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