iPhone OS 3 to talks to accessories in dock connector

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iPhone OS 3 to talks to accessories in dock connector

By way of Ladyada comes this tidbit from this morning’s iPhone OS 3.0 press conference. She writes:

Ryan Block from GDGT has some major news from the iPhone 3.0 press conference, pretty soon you’ll be able to make/hack/add any accessories to the iPhone – wow! We’ll see some Arduino projects shortly.

10:20AM – Apps talk to accessories via the dock connector and via Bluetooth. Supports standard protocols (playing music, album artwork, etc.) and you can build custom protocols.

“With iPhone 3.0 we’re going to take this to the next level: we’re going to enable devs to build custom accessories that talk right to the iPhone.” This is exactly what people have been wanting. “You can give the iPhone an equalizer to a speaker system. Here’s another example: FM transmitter, which would find the optimal broadcast channel and play your music. Here’s another class we think will be interesting: medical devices.”

Oh, and in other iPhone OS announcement shockers: Cut, Copy, Paste! (finally) and Multimedia Messaging (ditto).

iPhone OS 3.0 supports hacky accessories

4 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3 to talks to accessories in dock connector

  1. Anonymous says:

    http://www.neowin.net/news/main/09/03/17/iphone-accessories-to-include-apple-drm-chip says that apple will require people to sign up for an accessories program to use the accessory with an iphone. they’re saying you need a special drm chip to let it talk to the iphone which apple will only give to people in an accessories program. hopefully this is not true because then many people will not be able to make accessories for it.

  2. Hoba says:

    I hope someone will make a DECT adapter for the iphone. Would be awesome to use it to make internal calls.

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