iPhone PS/2 keyboard interface with Arduino

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iPhone PS/2 keyboard interface with Arduino

It’s tricky getting a keyboard working with an iPhone. Why is that? Does Apple go out of their way to make the two incompatible? It sure seems like it. With such an awesome touch interface you’d think they’d have the keyboard thing figured out. Luckily there are folks like maker Ben Kurtz who go out of their way to scratch an itch. Using an Arduino Diecimila, breakout board, female PS/2 connector, and sundry components Ben has built an interface to connect a full-sized keyboard to his jailbroken iPhone. It’s a bit circuitous, but it gets the job done using easily resourced parts.

How To Connect a PS/2 Keyboard to the iPhone
[via hackaday]

If you’re interested in building a jailbreak-free keyboard interface for your iPhone, check out chapter 12 in iPhone Hacks.

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