Listen to math proofs in MIDI

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Listen to math proofs in MIDI

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Norman writes – “I added this web page just for fun. While looking at some proofs, it occurred to me that their structure resembled musical scores, so as an experiment I decided to see what they “sounded” like. Essentially, the musical notes correspond to the depth of the proof tree as the proof is constructed by the proof verifier. A fast higher note is produced for each step in the construction of a formula. A sustained lower note is produced when the formula is matched to a previous theorem or earlier proof step, to result in a new proof step (which corresponds to a proof step displayed on the Metamath Proof Explorer page that shows the theorem’s proof). Is it “music”? I guess that’s for you to decide. It is richly structured, with underlying themes that on the one hand seem to repeat but on the other hand are interestingly unpredictable, teasing your mind as the piece progresses.”Link.

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  1. Grincheux42 says:

    This project is interesting, but he has bought the conversion card. Some French guys are creating their own controler card and it works!
    See :

  2. PCB card working
  3. The whole topic in French

    Some work still needs to be done (mainly in the software part), but they are close to finish it.


  • gr3g says:

    I’ve looked into doing this for a LCD monitor on my ex-laptop, but it turned out that for the price of the controller board I could buy a 17″ brand-new monitor. Kudos to these guys for figuring it out.

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