March Madness hacker-style: a program a day

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March Madness hacker-style: a program a day

Jersey hackerspace FUBAR Labs created a challenge: a program a day.

Starting this Monday, March 1st, FUBAR Labs members will be kicking off March Madness, an open challenge to all hackerspaces! One program, everyday. Any platform, any language.

Our members have been itching for March to come so they can challenge themselves, many of us biting our tongues upon the temptation to write a quick Python script or AVR program throughout February.

Awesomely, the madness has spread, with hackerspaces like NYC Resistor and Hive 76 getting in on the action. But there’s still a lot of March left, hackers! Noisebridge? TCMaker? PS1? The gauntlet has been thrown down!

(The image above was produced by the March Madness project of phooky of NYC Resistor.)

Readers: what did you come up with? Send me email at

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