Micro-controller based photo-plotter

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Micro-controller based photo-plotter

There are several different ways to make printed circuit boards. One of them is using a photo-plotter. What’s a photo-plotter? Keep reading! The project isn’t completed yet, but it’s really interesting and well documented.

A photoplotter is a printing device that exposes light to a photo sensitive film to produce output. The film is then developed like traditional photos to get the result. There are 2 types of photoplotter, vector type and raster type. Vector plotters move the exposure light anywhere in 2D space to create the image. Need a line from point A to B? No problem, just move from A to B. These are similar to old style pen plotters. Raster plotters, are more like a dot matrix printer, sending out one line of dots, then moving to the next to create an image.

More about making a Micro-controller based photo-plotter [About Microcontroller]

6 thoughts on “Micro-controller based photo-plotter

  1. Tony says:

    Definitely the best project I’ve seen in this blog in a long time! I’ve come to the same conclusion that to do really nice high precision PCBs you need to have professionally made masks done on a photoplotter.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:


      Glad you liked it, I’ll keep trying to find great stuff!

      1. ZHENGDAFU says:


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