Mod a laptop power supply into a USB plug

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Mod a laptop power supply into a USB plug

This “useless” mod shows how to power your Thinkpad with a standard USB plug. We just hope that the maker didn’t connect both ends of this mod to the same computer, thus creating a “Vampire” power device that depletes its own battery power even faster.

The USB to ThinkPad Power Supply Adapter

4 thoughts on “Mod a laptop power supply into a USB plug

  1. justDIY says:

    So this mod connects an 18-20v laptop power supply to a female USB jack?

  2. hotkey says:

    The description should be the other way around – from the article: “I built this mod to have an easy way to power devices off of a thinkpad power supply”.

    And looking at my thinkpad power supply, I see that the output is 20V. Since the circuit is entirely passive with no voltage regulation, this device will fry pretty much every USB appliance you connect to it.

    It’s more than useless, it’s dangerous.

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