My 10 Favorite Mechanical Animations from Wikipedia

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My 10 Favorite Mechanical Animations from Wikipedia



Klann linkage



Peristaltic pump



Sun and planet gear



Sterling engine



Wankel engine



Trammel of Archimedes



Geneva wheel



Universal joint



Constant-velocity joint



Sarrus linkage

8 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Mechanical Animations from Wikipedia

  1. Ushanka says:

    My god, these are so captivating. I could watch that trammel of Archimedes all day.

    It’s not technically a mechanical animation, but my favorite Wikipedia animation is this one:

  2. Chennai Laptops says:

    Awesome works. i like the mechanism of Constant-velocity joint

  3. Crazywolf says:

    The first one wouldn’t work because it is picking up two legs at a time. Which means it would just fall over. It would have to have at least six legs.

    1. NancyG. says:

      I assume it has the same number and configuration of legs on both sides… much like a spider.

  4. Bruce Miller says:

    Good Stuff! More to come?

  5. schwabsauce says:

    I think my favorites were #2 and #4.

  6. Kurt Euler says:

    that’s for this list of mechanical animations. someone plz advise: what free or inexpensive software can one get to create animations like these? thanks!

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