Pressure sensitive computer keyboard

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Pressure sensitive keys have been used in MIDI keyboards for a while now, but good ol’ qwerty keyboards seem to have missed out on the feature til now. Hardware developers from Microsoft’s Applied Science group built this prototype using membrane layers with resistive coating plus opamp board to convert the analog data over to USB. The potential applications demoed in the above vid seem quite promising.[via Procrastineering]

4 thoughts on “Pressure sensitive computer keyboard

  1. WildCard says:

    A cleaver bit of software could translate the velocity and pressure information into text colour intensity, so you can see how angry people are when replying to an email or online chat changing from a pleasant blue to an intense red depending on how much you pound the keyboard.

    1. Gizmo says:

      Funny. Before reading your post I had thought that more pressure on the key could convert the text to ALL CAPS TO SHOW THAT YOU WERE ANGRY.

      Or, in the case of an argument, all caps would DISPLAY THE COMPLETELY INFALLIBLE LOGIC OF YOUR ARGUMENT11!1


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